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Cartooning is a great way to pass the time while you're bored. I'm not great at it, I just sort of popped each one of these out in less than a few minutes, but hopefully you'll enjoy them. These make excellent coloring pages for kids and grown-ups alike. Color them in and send them to me and I might put them on the site.

My little dog

This is my little dog, Holly. She's part Phalene, and part mutt. Her natural colors are black for the back and sides, white feet and chest, dark brown ears and sandy brown on her legs and face. Brush pen/paper.

A little fox

This is just a generic little fox I drew while waiting for someone to call me back on the phone. Brush pen/paper.

A little fox

I didn't quite get the tail right on this one, but I love the way her ears turned out. Brush pen/paper.

A family of foxes

I really love this one, the only thing cuter than a fox is a baby fox, and the only thing cuter than a baby fox is two baby foxes. Brush pen/paper.

Two little foxes at the beach

Here we have to little fennec foxes in love, watching the sun set together. Foxes are one of the few animals who mate for life. Brush pen/paper.

A little fox sniffing a flower

Foxes seem to be quite curious, they get bored easily and enjoy exploring. This one has decided to sample a flower on my picnic table. The tail in this drawing turned out perfect. Brush pen/paper.

A little fox

This is just a young little fox out for a walk. I may add a background sometime.

A black-backed jackal

You really don't see very much art featuring jackals, ,which is a shame, because jackals are some of the cutest animals on earth. This is my first attempt at a running pose.

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