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This is a small Java program that I wrote to generate a test pattern.


  • Date and time
  • User selectable fonts
  • 1kHz test tone
  • Multiple color bar patterns
  • Grayscale
  • Two lines of user messages
  • Time and date
  • Four resolutions: 1080, 720, 480, and 320 lines
  • Fullscreen mode



Test Pattern with "Classic" typeface

With a different color pattern Sans Serif font, and no grayscale or timer


You need a copy of the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer. Click on tpgen.jar to run the program. If that doesn't work you may have an issue with Java file associations, try running it from a command line with java -jar tpgen.jar

Enter your choices in the dialog that pops up and click the start button. To dismiss the pattern, press the escape key. Another dialog will pop up, if you want to exit the program just close the dialog.


Zip File, 36kB
Softpedia Download Page


Like all the stuff on this site, this is a free program. Feel free to use it for whatever you want, but if you like it or one of the others I've made, especially if you're using it for a commercial purpose, consider donating a few bucks so I can make more stuff like this. Source code is available on request.

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