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Welcome to Computer World, the section of my website where I post information and photos of my various computer based projects. This site is currently aimed mostly at hardware and general computing advice, but in the future I hope to have a software section where you can download programs that I've written. Until then, check out The Arcade for some of my graphical demos.

My Computers


An all purpose FTP, web, NFS, and Samba server and router with dual redundant hard discs. Built from random parts and runs FreeBSD. Check out the cool "vintage" case.

Reven LXIV

I built this monstrosity in 2010 and it's held up well, with a Windows Experience Index of 7.0. It's mainly a workstation, it has peripherals for everything, and it weighs a ton.

The Kaypro 1

Fixing up a computer from 1984 that I found at the dump.


General MIDI's Jukebox

How I wrote the best MIDI player software ever from scratch

Foxwave Microwave Link Planner

Calculates some of the most common equations used when setting up radio links

Test Pattern Generator

A small Java program that lets you generate a custom test pattern, complete with timer and tone

General Computing Advice


Talking about the various types of backup media, and strategies for keeping your important data secure.

Securely Erasing a Hard Disk

A discussion of data remanence. How to make sure that sensitive data is really erased from your old hard discs.

Common Unix and Windows Commands

I usually have a terminal window open somewhere, since sometimes it's just easier to do things that way. Here's a list of the most common commands for both Windows and Unix.

Recommended Software

I have really high standards for software, and little patience for downloading tons of software just to try it out. Hopefully this will help you out, these are the ones I think are the best.

Other Stuff

Inside a Car Computer

Pictures and a simple explanation of an engine control module.

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