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These are just some games I threw together in a hurry, mainly to test things. I'm working on an original, full length 2D action game at the moment, and creating these pointless little one-off games and demos is a fun way to try out new things.  For the record, everything here was coded by me, from scratch, without any help from anyone because I am insane. If you find any bugs, let me know since some of this code may find its way into my other projects.

Note: Running these requires the Java Runtime Environment, version 5.0 or later, which you probably already have

Instructions: To run these, unzip the archive into its own folder, then click on the .jar file. If that doesn't work (some archiver programs like to hijack the JAR extension), open a command prompt window, navigate to the game directory, and type java -jar NameOfGame.jar

Bouncing Balls Demo

I made this mainly to test out a method of generating a smooth arc. There are six balls with their own size, weight and velocity. I tried to make them behave in a life like manner, and I think it turned out OK. It sounds stupid, but the hardest part of coding a video game with moving characters is creating and controlling a realistic jump.


Click on Mario, then just keep jumping (Press L) until something happens, my high score is 50 jumps (I'm so ashamed). This started out as a test of the parabolic arc jump mentioned above, but with bitmaps instead of shape primitives, and things kind of got out of hand. Soundtrack by Color Me Badd because why the hell not.

Sonic and Mario vs. Swenderman!

I really hate slenderman and retarded internet garbage in general. This is my revenge. If someone wants to make me a "My Little Pony" running animation and send it to me I'll come out with a sequel, Mario and Sonic: Ponyhunters.

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