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I have a lot of computers; a big powerful desktop, an ancient IBM notebook from 2004, which is essentially held together by paperclips and rubberbands, as well as various and sundry other computing devices. Since I don't have the time to move things around on flash drives every time I want to get something done, I decided I needed a central fileserver to make things easier and simplify backups. Lord knows I couldn't just use my desktop for that, the lights dim every time I turn it on, if I left it running 24/7 I'd need my own nuclear power station. If I was like everyone else, I could just buy one of those cheap little NAS appliances, and make do with the terrible router the phone company gives away - but I'm not, so I won't. Like any good (albeit thoroughly demented) mad scientist I decided to build my own, here's how I did it.


Please note that the information on these pages is for informational use only, and it's not my fault if your computer explodes or is hacked by Chinese. If you're having trouble getting something to work, head to the FreeBSD forum and we'll see if we can sort it out.

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