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Links and Resources

This is just a small list of useful resources I've found over the years. If you know of a resource you'd like included here, just let me know.


Antique Electronics Supply

Great place to buy tubes and related components like sockets, as well as transformers and other stuff useful for building tube amps.


Massive stock of electronic components, evey type of capacitor, resistor, transistor, transformer, connector, and IC imaginable for high and low voltage circuits. I think they're mainly there to sell to industry, but there's no minimum order and they're pretty hobbyist friendly.

Allied Electronics

Similar to Mouser, but they have somewhat better prices on some of their high-voltage capacitors.


Same type of supplier as Mouser and Allied, if you can't find what you're looking for at the other two, you might find it here.


They only sell low-voltage components, but their prices are unbeatable. Excellent place to buy connectors, resistors, and low-voltage capacitors. It's also a great place to find obsolete ICs that you can't get anywhere else, and the only place I know where you can get cheap SMD-to-DIP adaptor boards. Mainly setup to supply hobbyists, they even accept single part orders, but since they're based overseas, shipping takes a while.

Parts Express

The cheapest and easiest place to get speaker parts and drivers. They sell a wide variety of drivers, from cheap little $2 replacement speakers all the way up to high end stuff from Focal and Morel. They also sell a variety of tubes and transformers.


Nostalgia Air

Old-timey amp, radio, and TV schematics.

Phil's Old Radios

I love this guy. He has a massive collection of antique radios, TVs, and other audio gear that he's restored. His site was the inspiration for this section of my site.

RCA Tube Manual

Great book to learn about tube tech in general. Lots of explanation about tubes, tube theory, etc... (PDF, 73MB)

Datasheet Catalog

Datasheets for most transistors, integrated circuits, and other components.

Tube Datasheet Locator

Pinouts and rating for every type of vacuum tube.

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