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I started building my own electronics as a kid. In 1989 I took apart my parent's brand new $400 VCR and they weren't too happy about it (even though I did put it back together) so they started giving me electronics kits to play around with. Before long I got pretty good at it and even started developing my own circuits. Now days I mostly build things because I either can't find, or can't afford the thing I'm looking for. Here's a sample of some of my recent projects.


Self-powered TV Speakers

The speakers built into TVs and projectors are really, really goddamn horrible. In here I show you how to build a small pair of self-powered speakers to give your ears a break.

Cirrus Logic DAC

Optical S/PDIF digital-to-analog converter based on the excellent Cirrus Logic CS-4338 DAC and CS-8416 audio interface chip. Works with all common sampling frequencies and resolutions, including 32/44.1/48/96kHz at 16 and 24 bits.

All-tube Preamplifier

I have a real fondness for tubes, when it comes to hi fi, you have to have tubes in the circuit somewhere or it doesn't sound like live music. This is the preamp I use everyday, featuring five tubes, a 12AX7/6DJ8 phono stage, two 6DJ8s as a line stage, and a 6BY5 as a rectifier.

Hi Fi Computer Speakers

Self powered desktop speakers using common amplifier ICs.



Where to buy parts, links to sites with more projects, other fun stuff to read

Tube Tech

My thoughts on why tube gear sounds the way it does.

Electronics Basics

Basic information you'll need to know to build your own electronics; how to read a schematic, different types of components, etc..

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