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Hello and welcome to General MIDI's Jukebox. While you're here, download our fantastic custom MIDI player software, and enjoy the free MIDI files you'll find below.

This isn't the largest collection of MIDI files on the net. I decided to put these up for you because some of these tracks were really hard to find, so they're mostly one-hit wonders and lesser known tracks from the big artists. In the case of tracks listed here that are really easy to find (Fact: in 1999, approximately 50% of the internet consisted of Ace of Base MIDIs), they're here because I think they're a better version than the ones commonly found on the net.

Here's what the General has in store for you


General MIDI's Jukebox is the best freeware MIDI player ever. Download it here only.

The MIDI Collection

Free MIDI files you can download for your listening enjoyment, listed by artist.

General MIDI's Wishlist

We wish we had these songs, but we don't! If you have a copy or even just the sheet music, let us know.


Comments or questions? Submissions? I have over 5,000 MIDI files on my computer. If we don't have what you're looking for, let me know. If you have what we're looking for, let me know also.

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