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General MIDI's Jukebox is a small, lightweight, flexible jukebox program designed specifically for hardware or software playing MIDI files. I designed this program because the software synthesizer that comes with Windows (Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth) is so awful. When I started making video games I found out that the Java Virtual Machine has its own software synthesizer, and it sounds pretty good.

It started off innocently enough, it was just going to be a small program for my own personal use, but like everything I do it got out of hand and now I have a full fledged piece of jukebox software. If you're interested in how I made this, check out the design page in the Computers section of this site.


  • Stylish, easy to use interface
  • Very lightweight, uses only 150 kB of disk space
  • Written in Java, so it's compatible with everything, just download and go
  • Plays MIDI type 0, type 1, and karaoke files
  • Uses its own software synthesizer
  • Comes with built-in help
  • Save and load custom playlists
  • Random and repeat play


System Requirements

Practically nothing. Approximately 4 MB free memory, less than 100 MHz of CPU cycles, and 150 kB of disk space. You will need the Java virtual machine to run this. The newest version at the time of this writing uses approximately 30 MB of disk space and 30 MB of RAM.

Installation Instructions

The great thing is, you don't really have to install it. Just download the package, unzip it and click on jukebox.jar.

If you'd like a more permanent installation, follow these steps.

Move the Planet Fox folder to C:\Program Files. Depending on the version of Windows you're using you might have to change the permissions of C:\Program Files\Planet Fox\resources for the program to be able to write its configuration file.

To do this in Windows 7, right click the folder, select Properties, click on the Security tab, then click on Users (ComputerName\Users) in the Group or user names panel. In the panel Permissions for Users, the Allow option should be checked for Write. If it isn't, click the Edit button, select Users (ComputerName\Users), click the Write checkbox and click OK. It should look like this.

Once you've done that you can copy the shortcut, General MIDI's Jukebox.lnk to your Desktop or Start Menu. If you want to install the program somewhere else besides C:\Program Files you'll have to make your own shortcut. I've provided an icon (print.ico) for you to use if you want to do that.


Primary: General MIDI's Jukebox, v 1.0 (Zip, 72kB)
Mirror: General MIDI's Jukebox, v 1.0 (Zip, 72 kB)
Softpedia Download Page
CNet Product Page:
Get it from CNET!


If you enjoyed this program or have suggestions for other stuff you'd like to see me make, let me know.

Like this program? Donate something so I can make more of them.

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