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Interesting Microwave Antennas in the Wild

I take pictures of pretty much everything because I have a really bad memory and digital pictures are basically free, so why not? I'm also kind of in to my job, so whenever I see an interesting microwave antenna I take a lot of pictures. Each one of these leads to a detail gallery with high resolution pics.

Passive Repeater Station

Up close and personal with a Valmont Microflect passive repeater. Added June 2018.

Passive Repeater

AT&T International Earth Station

Found in the absolute middle of nowhere. Possibly partially abandoned, but definitely interesting, it features one 30 meter dish and three smaller ones, as well as an assortment of  old AT&T horn antennas. Added May, 2018.

AT&T Etam International Earth Station

Abandoned AT&T Long Lines Tower near Alexander WV

There are a lot of these still standing in West Virginia because once something gets built here, it never gets taken down. This is a particularly interesting example because it has two different types of original antennas and most of the original waveguide. Added June, 2014.

Hogg horn antennas

Abandoned AT&T Long Lines Tower near Reedsville WV

More updated version of the above, with the horns replaced by a massive 15' Andrew dish. Added February 2016.

AT&T Tower at Reedsville WV

NOAA JPSS/GOES Earth Station, Fairmont WV

A relatively new downlink earth station for controlling and gathering data from NOAA's fleet of next generation weather satellites with three 20 meter dishes. Added June, 2016.

NOAA Weather Radar

NASA IV&V Facility, Fairmont WV

A NASA building with a couple of really nice satellite antennas, including this 10 meter Andrew dish. Added June, 2016.

NASA IV&V Facility, Fairmont WV

Jesus' Golf Ball, Fairmont WV

No idea what's under it, but it's pretty interesting. Added June, 2016.

Mysterious radome

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