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Microwaves are everywhere, carrying pretty much all of your TV, cell phone, and internet traffic. This is where I go on about microwaves, microwave antennas, and anything else I can think of related to microwaves and RF stuff in general.


Ye Olde-Timey Microwave Downloads

Advertisements, manuals, and technical literature fom the forgotten realms of history.

Foxwave Microwave Link Planner

Some custom software I wrote to calculate wavelength and frequency, transmitter power, free space path loss and more.

List of  real world 802.11 bandwidths

Why is 802.11a advertised as 54 Mb/S? Who knows. Here's how they really measure up.

My Satellite Antennas

Pictures and details about my various C and Ku band antennas.Includes some great theory and information on installing, maintaining, and adapting a variety of satellite antennas.

Cabling Basics

How to prep a coaxial cable and apply connectors.

How Much Bandwidth Does a Satellite Have?

Calculating just how much stuff a single satellite can carry.

Interesting Microwave Antennas in the Wild

A small gallery of interesting microwave antennas that I've seen. Includes some photos of a passive repeater and old AT&T long lines towers and their distinctive Hogg horn antennas.

Installing a Satellite Antenna

How to setup, point, and peak your own satellite antenna.

Installing a VHF/UHF Antenna

How to setup and install an over the air antenna.

Dish Network

An exhaustive description of every piece of equipment Dish Network has ever made.

Horn Antenna for the 5GHz ISM Band

Can be used for long range point-to-point WiFi links.

Outdoor Sectoral Antenna for the 2 and 5GHz ISM Bands

Can be used for shorter range point-to-multipoint WiFi links.

How Communications Satellites Work

A brief explanation of how a satellite link works, from end to end.

Satellite TV Primer

A beginners guide to equipment, encoding, and useful terms.

How Satellite Internet Works

Some technical details on how satellite internet from companies like Hughes Net works.

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