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My Satellite Antennas

I've been collecting satellite antennas for a while now. Some of these are pretty old (pre-1995), but the great thing about satellite antennas, and any antenna in general, is that they don't really become obsolete, like so many other high tech things. Regardless of the modulation and encoding, it's still the same frequencies.

Anyway, these are some of the more interesting, unusual, or useful antennas that I've run into over the years. A lot of these articles include information on fixing these antennas up for your own use, and information on what I'm using mine for.

Articles in grey are ones I haven't written about/photographed yet.

Standard C/Ku Satellite Antennas

2.6 Meter SAMI Tri-Star Aluminum Mesh C/Ku Band Antenna

Andrew Type 100 1 Meter Fiberglass Ku Band Antenna

Channel Master Type 755 75 cm Ku Band Antenna

Fiberglass Ku Band Antenna, ca 1987

Fiberglass Dish Network Super Dish

Steel Dish Network Super Dish

3.6 Meter Channel Master Aluminum Mesh C Band Antenna

DBS Antennas

45 cm Fiberglass DBS Antennas

Dish Network 1000.4 Eastern Arc

Dish Network 500 (50 cm)

Dish Network 300 (45 cm)

Ka Band Antennas

Raven (Skyware Global) 76 cm Wild Blue Antenna

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