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Fiberglass Super Dish

There were several versions of the Super Dish produced by Dish Network, all of which received the 110° and 119° DBS orbital locations, as with a Dish 500, plus one of two FSS satellites, either AMC 15 @ 105°W or EchoStar IX @ 123°W. I think this one was meant to pickup AMC 15, but I wasn't really paying that much attention. This dish originally had three separate feeds. The center feed picks up the linear polarized FSS signal, the tiny, pointy feedhorn picks up the 110° DBS location, and the Dish Pro single LNBF picks up the 119° DBS location

I have no idea who actually made this antenna, but most Dish Network antennas are made by Winegard. It's definitely not a Channel Master. The center feed is the most interesting, it's an elliptical feedhorn attached to the standard Dish Network "FSS STACKED LNB", but unlike other Super Dishes, this one has a collar with a dielectric plate. Leaving the FSS LNB as is allows for reception of any FSS satellite 11.7-12.2 GHz with linear polarization, and turning the collar 45° allows reception of 11.7-12.2 GHz circular polarized signals, like the Dish Network Plus antenna used to receive Anik F2. Moving the "DBS STACKED LNB" from the pointy feedhorn to the center feed and rotating the collar 45° allows for reception of any DBS satellite (12.2-12.7 GHz with circular polarization) with very high signal quality making this possibly the most versatile antenna ever. The LNBs from these dishes can be used with any other feedhorn from any manufacturer, since it's just a standard UG flange.

Unlike most dishes, this one has a rotating elevation braket to let you set the skew at the back of the dish. You're probably only going to use this to receive one satellite these days, so this isn't super useful, but I recommend setting the skew back here and using the polarizing collar to make fine adjustments. It does make it a little easier to get everything lined up. If you're only picking up one DBS satellite or Anik just set the skew for 0°, since skew doesn't matter much with circular polarization.

Photo Album

Using a single custom LNB. Note how much wider these are than the steel version.
Note: If this were permanently installed I would never let a cable hang there like that.

I was using an NJR LNB off of a Primestar dish to test this. Here it's receiving signals from Galaxy 18.

These are the bandstacked ("Dish Pro") LNBs that came with it. The one on the left is for 11.7-12.2 and would have been used on the main feed. The one on the right covers 12.2-12.7 and would be used with the pointy feedhorn for, I think, 110°.

On the right is the polarizing collar that's part of the main feed. The wafer thing inside is a dielectric plate that can be rotated for receiving linear or circular signals. The pointy feedhorn was used with a "DBS STACKED" LNB, and also has a dielectric plate.

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