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Andrew Type 100 (1.0m) Offset Prime Focus

Andrew Type 100 Fiberglass Satellite AntennaI bought this one brand new a few years ago from DigiSat, I think it cost a couple of hundred bucks. This same model's been in production for at least 30 years, but the manufacturer keeps changing. It was originally manufactured by Channel Master, whose satellite antenna division was sold to Andrew, who spun it off as a separate business when they were bought by Commscope. Since then it's gone by the names Raven, ASC Signal, and now Skyware Global. This one has an Andrew logo on the front and a Channel Master logo molded into the back of the reflector.

This is an exceptionally high quality antenna, of the same type originally used for the very first Primestar dishes. The reflector is made from a one piece molded fiberglass casting with dozens of supporting ribs. The elevation adjustment features a fine tuning screw that lets you dial everything in perfectly. Mine's mounted on the edge of the roof, with the included hardware. It comes with a really hefty mounting mast and two big heavy side struts. If you're putting one of these up yourself, make sure that you use big 3" lag screws and drive them directly into a stud/rafter.

Once this thing was up and tuned in it hasn't moved a single millimeter. I've been using it along with a CalAmp DBS LNBF for Dish Network service to receive Nimiq V @ 72°W. The C/N ratio is exceptional, with the receiver signal being somewhere around 75, vs 40-50 with the stock Dish Network antennas.

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