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Legacy Receivers

These are the first generation of receivers from Dish, all of which bear a 4-digit model number. Receivers in this line are DVB/MPEG-2 digital satellite receivers with either 8-color or 16-color onscreen graphics. They are capable of decoding Nagravision encoded DVB streams up to the current generation. These receivers were mainly made in Japan and are exceptionally robust, as of 2013 there are still a number of Dish 1000 receivers in service. Dish Network may or may not allow you to add a legacy receiver to your account, depending on the model and/or whether the receiver has been active on your account before. For a receiver to decode the encrytped program stream it requires a current smart card (pictured, far right), which as of 2013 is G3 or higher. These smart cards have a purple and black front with the Dish logo and "G3" in purple lettering in the bottom right corner. DO NOT pay money for a receiver with a missing or outdated smart card.

All of these receivers are compatible with all Dish Network Legacy, Dish Pro and Dish Pro Plus switches and LNBs. Legacy receivers require a power inserter when used with Dish Pro and Dish Pro Plus equipment, except when they are connected to a Dish Pro Plus switch/LNBF that also has at least one Dish Pro receiver connected, or a DP44 switch with its own power inserter.

Common models

Dish 1000

The first receiver from Echostar with Dish Network branding. Released in 1996, it was the first sub-$1,000 digital satellite receiver. Features that would carry on to many later models include S-video output, 8-color onscreen graphics, gray buttons and a green background with shading, and black or white text. The integrated program guide could be accessed by pressing the Guide button on the remote, which would display a fullscreen scrollable list of channels and programs for the next three hours. Program information is displayed as a translucent overlay with white text. The firmware is upgradeable by satellite.

Dish 2800/2900

Probably the most common legacy receivers. These were distributed to new and current customers throughout the late 90's/early 00's.

Dish 3900

This is a 2800 with upgraded software. The on screen graphics resemble a 16-color version of the first generation of  Dish Pro receivers. This model also comes with an optical (TOSLINK) digital audio output.

Dish 4000

An advanced receiver with multiple video outputs (for VCRs, etc) and built-in UHF remote capability. Came in a unique charcoal gray color, whereas most other receivers of this era were all black.

Dish Player 7000

As far as I know, this is the first DVR from Dish. I've never seen one in person, so if you have any information or photos, please send me an email.

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