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Sling and Dish Anywhere

Dish Network acquired Sling Media and immediately started adding Sling tech to everything. Essentially what Sling does is let you watch your recorded DVR programs and live TV on a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone via the "Dish Anywhere" app, available for Android and iOS, or via the Dish Anywhere site with web browser plugin. Just login and go.

Outside your home, the bitrate of the video is limited by your home internet connection's upstream speed and your remote internet connection's downstream speed, whichever is less. When using a device connected to the same local network as the receiver, the full bandwith of the network is available, since the data is transmitted directly to the device from the receiver without being sent over the public internet.

Compatible Receivers

via Sling Adaptor

The Sling Adaptor is a USB device that plugs into the back of the receiver. Essentially what it does is take control of the second tuner in the receiver, re-encode the video to a bitrate optimal for the speed of your internet connection, and direct it over the internet or local network to your device. Setup is straightforward - just plug it in, your receiver will recognize it and reboot - once that's finished you should be able to access your DVR over the internet. Two receivers are compatible with the Sling Adaptor, the ViP 722/722k  and the Hopper.

Sling Loaded DVRs

Two DVRs are "Sling Loaded", meaning that the functionality of the Sling Adaptor is built in. Both the ViP 922 and Hopper with Sling have this capability.

About network connections

The quality of your video will only be as good as your network performace, so see my internet connection page to find out the best ways to connect your receiver.

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